Plataforma SIG

SIG Platform

SIG Platform: Integrated Management System.

The Integrated Management SIG platform developed by SISTEM is an ecosystem of applications and services for the development of integration systems:

  • Service-based architecture (SOA).
  • Flexible environment, adaptable and scalable.
  • Efficient management of massive information (BigData Operacional)
  • Management of highly variable information (structured and unstructured).
  • Business intelligence, massive information analysis, predictions, dashboard representation and reports (BigData Analytic).
  • Great autonomy and low coupling based on Microservices.
  • The platform guarantees security based on Oauth 2 in both public and private cloud.
  • Integration of sensors and remote devices (IoT)
  • Platform independence and based on Open Source.
  • User interfaces adaptable to multiple devices
  • Native for deployment in public and private clouds.
  • Agile development based on integration and continuous deployment.

Our Integrated Management SIG platform has been developed to provide service in all the sectors in which we are specialized: SIG.TI, SIG. Tunnel and SIG. Security.