From SISTEM We help build the mobility of the future, through our solutions for the control of interurban traffic, and advanced urban mobility services that provide a high added value to the Town Halls ( SU + MA Project).

SISTEM, integration reference company, specializing in:

  • Projects of Control and Management of Traffic and Mobility, both urban and interurban.
  • Conservation and Exploitation of ITS facilities.
  • Control Centers of traffic.
  • Projects Smart Mobility Projects
  • Systems Civil Protection systems in Highways Tunnels on the highway.

With a broad portfolio partners and own products among which are:

  • MediaVex® – Medium speed section meter system (CVM)
  • LMU250 y LMU270 – license plate reading systems for vehicles moving at high speed
  • ERU -Local controller deivce that allows to manage road equipment.
  • EMAC– Highway Air Monitoring Station
  • LPRE150 – Embarked system for license plate recognition
  • SIG.Mobility
  • SIG.Tunnel
  • MILVUS: Unmanned aerial vehicle for Traffic Management and Road Safety (urban and interurban roads) and access to cities.

Technology and Innovation at the service de of Traffic Management and Road Safety

Main customers:

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