SISTEM offers technological products, technical services, and innovation project design for the Security sector, developing and integrating systems that facilitate the passive and active security of our clients, adapting to risk models and threats and their consequent Comprehensive Security Plan (PSI). Our solutions facilitate the establishment of the different control panels and internal processes of each Client.

SISTEM join the conventional resources with the most advanced technologies in terms of Security:

  • System Video Surveillance, Perimeter Security and Access Control.
  • Support to the needs of Supervision and Control of systems linked to security.
  • Systems Anti-vandalism protection in electrical and telecommunications operators.
  • Systems Surveillance and Control through UAV’s (MILVUS).

And Cybersecurity:

  • Audits of Cybersecurity
  • Services of Ethical-Hacking.
  • Adaptation to the ENS and y System Audit.

“Technology at the service of Security”

Main customers:

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