Mobility optimized by Big-Data, integrated information and multi-modal algorithms.

The MOBIAM project was born with the aim of generating a global information solution on mobility. Thus, MOBIAM will create:

  • An integral mobility platform for the integration of transport data sources and exogenous variables (meteorology, pollution) and the sharing of the generated information;
  • A Big-Data platform for the modal characterization of sections, areas or cities;
  • Algorithms of joint exploitation of information that generate multi-modal knowledge;
  • And a library of predictive modules for estimating mobility and future demands.

The project will deploy pedestrian mobility monitoring systems, in private vehicles and public transport so that the developments will always be based on real data and will be validated immediately.

The resulting platform will drastically reduce the current cost of collecting mobility information and provide high value information for different customer segments such as Public Administrations, consortiums and transport operators, traffic management engineers, urban planning companies and end users.

MOBIAM has ample opportunities for exploitation at national and international level, being reinforced in the scientific field by project proposals of the consortium in the Smart, Green and Integrated Transport line of the H2020 program.

Funded by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities through the call RETOS COLABORACIÓN 2017, with file number RTC- 2017-6094-4.

Collaborating partners: