IT Service Management Policy

SISTEM carries out its main activity as a systems integrator in the transport sectors (railways, traffic and airports) and Telecommunications in Spain and the international market. Thus, the establishment of a Service Management System (SGS) is considered very important, in accordance with the requirements of the UNE-ISO / IEC 20000-1: 2011 Standard, thus ensuring that the design, transition, provision and improvement of the services allow compliance with the established requirements; and of course, guaranteeing compliance with all applicable legal obligations.

Through the SGS, a process approach is established that allows the effective provision of its IT Support Services and Technical Security Analysis, whose principles are as follows, and on which the service management objectives will be supported:

  • Understand and meet service requirements to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Design and provide through the SGS, services that add value to the client.
  • Monitor, measure and review the behavior of the SGS and the services.
  • Continuously improve SGS and services using objective measurements.
  • Align SGS with corporate, customer, and other stakeholder goals.
  • Comply with all applicable legal, regulatory and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure the involvement and follow-up by the Management in the Management of the Services.
  • Integrate the objectives of Service Management with the mission and objectives of SISTEM.
  • Train and educate staff on service management.
  • Inform all employees of their roles, obligations and responsibilities in relation to service management.
  • Define and implement the figure of the person in charge of the organization’s SGS, who is in charge of managing the system and oversees its development, maintenance and improvement.
  • Continuously improve the SGS and therefore, the management of services.

This policy is known and signed by all the SISTEM personnel included in the scope, in accordance with the requirements of the management.

This policy will be reviewed with a maximum annual frequency, and its changes must be approved by the organization’s management.

Madrid,25 of April of 2018

Signed: Juan Francisco Ruiz Sánchez

General Director of SISTEM