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Embedded License Plate Reader

LME: R & D Project Development New License plate reader in vehicle.
The objective of this project is the design and implementation of a new license plate recognition and reading system installed on board a motor vehicle, with all its components installed inside the vehicle so that they are not visible from the outside and allow the operation of both stationary and moving vehicles, the real-time analysis of coincidence between the readings obtained and the data stored in the reference bases.

You want to achieve these 4 goals:

Design and construction of an image taking system, for automatic and continuous capture of images of the license plates of vehicles that circulate within the range of the system.
Design and implementation of the OCR SW for the processing of images and recognition of license plates.
Design and construction of the necessary supports to locate the system inside the vehicle.
Design and implementation of the communication system that allows the connection between the image taking system, the OCR system, and the central DBs.
The resulting system will have the following technical characteristics:

Operation in different lighting situations
Recognition of license plates in high-speed targets.
Long range and reliability in the recognition
Recognition of International Registration
Ease of use for the user
Issuance of notices when recognizing the license plates included in the database.
Funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) with IDI-20101266 file number.