Director de caída de objetos

Object Fall Detector

DCO Fiber: Optical Sensor Detector of Falling Objects in track

The main objective of the project is the design and development of an object falling detector system on the railway (DCO) based on fiber optic breakage measurement technology that will not require the presence of electronic equipment on the track and that will require a single fiber optic pair for the entire range to be monitored: eight detection points per unit of DCO.

The functionality of the system will be based on the measurement of the challenges in the receiving wire of a fiber optic pair of a data salvo previously sent by the transmission wire. The equipment must comply with all CENELET regulations for railway signaling safety, and obtain a SIL4 safety integrity level.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Design and construction of the Optical Transceiver system capable of handling the sending of frames of short duration and reception of multiple frames, discriminating the integrity of these and the time of arrival.
  • Design and implementation of a real-time software in charge of processing the generation of frames and reception of them in an integral way and in the same times as those taken in the initial configuration.
  • Design and implementation of a communications system that allows the service between the system and the clients that demand it, for example: ENCE (Electronic Interlock), CDS (Security Detector Concentrator), TSAD (Remote Control of Auxiliary Detection Systems).
  • Design and construction of a model, emulator of optical lines on track for laboratory use, as well as support structures to perform a real installation in full track, necessary to obtain an ASU (Authorization of Supply and Use) of ADIF , essential requirement for the commercialization of the system in Spain.

Funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) with IDI-20140202 file number.